The aim

Novembre aims to be the ultimate tool for analysis of spectroscopic measurements, especially those done with STM.

While the analysis of topographical data is made easy by Gwyddion, spectroscopical analysis is not easy at all. The proprietory software that comes with the machine is often also failing short of providing the necessary tools. And even if it's enough today, you may find yourself struggling the next day when your superb idea is ultimately limited by you tools.

Novembre tries to be the most versatile tool available. Novembre is fully extensible through plugins for both importing data and processing it. Novembre is cross-platform thanks to the Qt graphical library, and has been succesfully used on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows XP.

Project status

Novembre is still in the alpha phase, as the internal mechanisms are being reconsidered. For end users this doesn't change much, as the tools available now can already do a lot. From the programmer point of view, it is better to wait till version 0.1, when the plugin interfaces should be frozen.

Download it!

Novembre is hosted on Get Novembre at Fast, secure and Free Open Source software downloads

Latest stable version is 0.0.5g