Installing the latest version of Novembre 0.0


To install Novembre from source, make sure the following packages exist on your system:

Make sure to install the developer part of Qt, because you will need qmake for compilation. And, of course, get yourself a compiler. So far only gcc has been tested, but other compilers should work too.

Note for Debian/Ubuntu users - you need zlib1g-dev, qwt-qt4-dev and qt4-dev.

Getting the source

Novembre is using Mercurial for version control. If you have Mercurial installed, you can clone the novembre repository by

$> hg clone novembre

$> cd novembre

$> hg checkout 0.0.5


It is recommended to compile in a separate folder. Copy Novembre.pri to it and make any changes directly in the file without messing up the original.

$> cd ..

$> mkdir novembre-build

$> cd novembre-build

$> cp ../novembre/Novembre.pri .

Novembre.pri contains general information, such as where Novembre will be installed, the location of library headers and allows turning on/off of some options. You will probably have to edit this file. The content of the file will change in the future, but I will try to keep everything well commented in this file, and provide reasonabe defaults.

To customize the build further you can edit the novembre/*.pro files. This is not required, but can be useful.


For compiling under Windows and MacOS I recommend using Qt Creator, as it will make a lot of things easier . It can be used to compile both qwt and Novembre and is easy to use. To compile you just have to open as a project and click the Compile button.

On Linux just run qmake

$> qmake ../novembre/

$> make

$> sudo make install