Installing the latest version of Novembre


Although the requirements might change in the future, it is reasonably safe to assume that the latest stable versions of Qt toolkit and Qwt plot are enough to compile Novembre.

As usual, make sure to install the developer part of Qt, because you will need qmake for compilation. And, of course, get yourself a compiler. So far only gcc has been tested, but other compilers should work too.

Note for Debian/Ubuntu users - you need zlib1g-dev, qwt-qt4-dev and qt4-dev.

Getting the source

Novembre is using Mercurial for version control. If you have Mercurial installed, you can clone the novembre repository by

$> hg clone novembre

$> cd novembre


It is recommended to compile in a separate folder. Copy Novembre.pri to it and make any changes directly in the file without messing up the original.

$> cd ..

$> mkdir novembre-build

$> cd novembre-build

$> cp ../novembre/Novembre.pri .

Novembre.pri contains general information, such as where Novembre will be installed, the location of library headers and allows turning on/off of some options. You will probably have to edit this file. The content of the file will change in the future, but I will try to keep everything well commented in this file, and provide reasonabe defaults.

To customize the build further you can edit the novembre/*.pro files. This is not required, but can be useful.


For compiling under Windows and MacOS I recommend using Qt Creator, as it will make a lot of things easier . It can be used to compile both qwt and Novembre and is easy to use. To compile you just have to open as a project and click the Compile button.

On Linux just run qmake

$> qmake ../novembre/

$> make

$> sudo make install